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Concepts, Design and Modelling for Extended Data Warehousing Training Course to be presented ONLINE

Under the current circumstances our regular classes have been cancelled BUT we are very pleased to announce that our classes will be presented ONLINE!

Technology should not be the prevailing factor when designing a Business Intelligence or Data Warehousing solution. We here at Alicornio understand the intricacies of Information Analysis which involves in-depth requirements analysis and forms the cornerstone of such initiatives. Our BI/DW Design Courses are therefore technology agnostic and teaches sound principles which can be applied no matter what technology is used.

After completing this comprehensive 4 day course you will be armed with sufficient knowledge to guide the process of designing Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing/Analytical solutions. Concepts such as traditionally structured DW, unstructured data, Data lakes, Big Data and Cloud computing will be clarified to enable you to talk the talk and walk the walk.


19, 20, 21 October

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Stretching Information Integration Boundaries

Alicornio Africa, previously known as Sagent Technology Southern Africa, is a distributor of the Spectrum Technology Platform™ which includes Sagent Data Flow™, Data Governance Suite and other software suites, which is part of the Pitney Bowes Software stable. The technology forms a key part of our comprehensive solution that also includes consulting and training. A common misconception associated with enterprise information integration systems - that because of its complex nature, only those who are technically minded and skilled are suitably positioned to deal with such products and information - has provided Alicornio with a business opportunity: to provide the platform for any data integration challenge be it Data Migration, Data Integration, Data Cleansing, Data Quality, Data Warehousing or Business Intelligence projects.
"From the outset our approach and technology has been all-encompassing - to simplify the process and democratise information, allowing organisations to take full advantage of their data."Alicornio Africa
From the outset our approach and technology has been all-encompassing - to simplify the process and democratise information, allowing organisations to take full advantage of their data. Alicornio's hands-on approach and simple and realistic methodology, makes it possible for the CEO, IT director, communications manager and information analyst alike to manipulate and utilise existing and new information to the greater benefit of the company. By partnering with us clients can maximise the speed of preparing information for delivery while minimising the resources and effort required to develop and maintain these processes.

"By stretching information integration boundaries, together we can help you take your business to a level that goes beyond the imagination."

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