Alicornio Events a Huge Success

Susan Andre2007

The response to events hosted by Alicornio Africa during 2007 has been overwhelming. A new surge of interest in Information Integration from a broad spectrum of industries precipitated the need for insightful presentations, where the style is interactive and informative combined with demonstrations that hit the nail on the head.

Introducing the power of the Sagent Data Flow technology as a platform that can address all data integration problems but specifically with focus on Data De-Duplication – one of the most common errors in many applications. The demonstrations clearly illustrated how quick and easy it could be to solve these kinds of issues. In addition it showed integration and manipulation of data from multiple sources while simultaneously cleaning and loading this data and/ or creating a report – all in the same step, without coding. A great wow factor is the ability of the software to
recognise duplicates in name and address components even with variations and misspellings and how it can operate on any kind of data including non-name and non-adddress elements (for example product names and part numbers).

Automation of processes such as e-mail notification, process automation, and automatic retrieval of information were also demonstrated

The excellent turn-out from industry representatives across the board reflects the market need for software solutions that can be utilized far beyond the traditional Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence complexities.

A unique approach of demonstrating software components using real-life examples has elevated these events to new levels of interest. The skilled team of Alicornio have succeeded in
raising awareness and interest by sharing their knowledge with audiences that face data integration challenges.

A repeat of these events are planned for 2008 based on market demand.

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