Alicornio Introduces Model 1 & Data Mining Services

Susan Andre2005

Another of Alicornio’s latest product and extension of expertise comes in the form of Model 1. Developed by Group1, a Pitney Bowes Company, Model 1 comprises a data mining and database marketing solution. In Alicornio’s view, the reality of traditional modelling techniques is that often times, organisations are limited by and to the experience and particular expertise of their statistical personnel. In view of this, Model 1, a series of award-winning modelling solutions, was developed and now forms an integral element in Alicornio’s suite.

In short, Model 1 offers four modules that focus on the following business issues:

  • Response Modeller: Identifies individuals most likely to exhibit certain behaviours based on past purchases, demographics and lifestyle data. The resulting models can be evaluated based on a differing objectives and ‘what-if’ scenarios to determine the best model for achieving a particular campaign goal.
  • Cross-seller: Prioritises purchases for each customer and forecasts what he or she is most likely to buy next. This enables marketing, sales and service organisations to maximise sale from an existing customer base by bundling and cross-selling products.
  • Customer Segmentor/ Profiler: Identifies and analyses attributes that drive customer behaviour. Marketers can use this application to determine specific attributes that differentiate customer groups – such as buyers vs. non-buyers, loyal vs. opportunistic, high-potential vs. low-potential – and create customer clusters based on common characteristics.
  • Customer Valuator: Predicts the monetary value and profitability of a particular customer over time, enabling organisations to target desirable customers and allocate marketing resources strategically and cost effectively.

The product enables companies to maximise marketing spend by optimising customer data. Speed, ease of use, breadth of predictive technology and reliability enable marketers and statisticians to make accurate, actionable predictions. Features of Model 1 include:

  • Enabling direct marketing through empowering the users with extraction of accurate and reliable marketing results from a companies customer database
  • Offers a step-by-step, point and click functionality
  • Generates superior, validated results via automated searches through hundreds of models
  • Solves problems specific to individualised business areas

Model 1’s benefits extend to the bottom-line in addition to each module featuring analytical capabilities such as campaign optimisation, descriptive statistics and sensitivity analysis.

According to Dr. Nasdav Cassuto, Senior Analyst, Fingerhut Corporation, “I’ve been evaluating several data mining products for our database marketing operations. We gave Model 1 our toughest test. Nothing else compares to Model 1.”

Other endorsements and feedback include what Zane Fractor, Marketing Officer from USSA had to say, “Model 1 has really helped our targeted marketing campaigns. We’re definitely seeing higher response rates.”

For more information on Model 1, contact Alicornio Africa on 011 258 8739 or e-mail