Embark on a Jigsaw Puzzle Building Adventure with Our 5-Day Business Intelligence Booster Course!

Are you eager to embark on a rewarding career in data analysis but find yourself overwhelmed by the complexity of Business Intelligence and/or Data Analytics?

Get ready to dive into the world of Business Intelligence and assemble the BI puzzle of your dreams! On this 5-Day Business Intelligence Booster Course learning all about BI is as thrilling as solving jigsaw puzzle challenge!

Do you want a comprehensive understanding of BI that goes beyond software tools? Look no further! This BI data design adventure, covers it all without being bogged down with designing for specific software tools.

Learn how to tackle any BI or Information Analysis project. It involves how to collect information requirements and how to structure the data, without being side tracked by technology driven designs.

The BI Booster course is technology agnostic. Although we do love technology and point out some of the most amazing and powerful tools that exhibits great features and functions, it should not be the driving force for framing and designing your business intelligent solutions.

In this BI Booster course, we share winning strategies that will save time in preparing data structures correctly. Giving you faster return on investment by enabling all your analytics related projects.

Day 1: Laying the Foundation – Let the Puzzle Building Begin!

Imagine starting with a blank canvas, almost like starting to build a new a jigsaw puzzle. On Day 1, we will kickstart your BI journey by showing you how to piece together the basics by covering the fundamentals of BI. Think of it as the edge pieces that frame your grand BI masterpiece. You will gain insights into the crucial components that make up a successful BI solution.

Day 2: The Building Blocks - Data Discovery Quest

Learn about data sources, collection methods, and the magic of data quality. These are the building blocks that form the core of your BI adventure. Explore the world of data and start to make sense of data governance, data quality and data catalogues. By now you will form a better understanding of how data is the essential building block of your BI puzzle.

Day 3: Designing Your BI Blueprint

It is time to design your BI blueprint, much like formulating a strategy for building a puzzle.  We will cover topics such as data modeling, architecture, and the importance of aligning BI with business goals. Setting a clear path for success. Crafting the roadmap to your ultimate BI masterpiece.

Day 4: Assembling Insights - Unveiling Insights & Magic

Uncover the secrets of transforming data into actionable insights. We will discuss data analytics techniques, reporting spells, and visualization wizardry. Discover how to put together the pieces of the puzzle to extract valuable knowledge. Transform scattered pieces of data into a mesmerizing picture of knowledge. We will take a peek into the different methods, comparing traditional to new approaches.

Day 5: Navigating the BI Labyrinth - Your BI Journey

On the final day, we complete the guidance through the entire BI lifecycle, from implementation to maintenance; how to navigate the intricate BI labyrinth with wisdom.  You would have gained an overview of project management, best practices, and how to adapt to evolving business needs.


Our 5-Day Business Intelligence Booster Course isn't just about software tools; it's about giving you a holistic view of BI. By comparing it to building a jigsaw puzzle, we make learning engaging and relatable. Whether you are in Portugal, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico or anywhere else in the world, our course is tailored to provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to pursue a successful career in data analysis.

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What people are saying

The course material is well structured and variety of formats was used (videos, workshops, quizzes). Each topic was sufficiently covered and I was interested in all.

BilaalJunior BI Analyst, NICD
The course material quality is sufficient. I found most topics very well covered, some were good to know and there were some areas where I have specific interest in and will like to find out more.

KagisoConsultant, Private
Very informative, gained a lot of new valuable knowledge and useful skills! Thoroughly enjoyed, just wish it was over more days to unpack certain skimmed-through topics further.

KeanBusiness Analyst, Alan Gray
Content was amazing and very useful. Course pace was great. Was nice to be able to ask questions and have discussions with plenty of time left to spare. Presenter was great and had in-depth knowledge of the subject.


Project Manager
First Tech Digital

Course content: Excellent, Course material: Comprehensive, Course pace: Excellent, Course Instructor: Excellent - Course was presented well and allowed for vibrant discussions.


Lead Data Analyst
National Health Laboratory

Course Content: Some topics interesting and sufficiently covered, others very interesting yet wanted more. Quality of course materials are brilliant. Pace fluctuated but generally good.

SiyandaDeveloper, Armscor

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