Date To Diarise: Lawrence Corr & Joe Caserta Return to S.A

Susan Andre2005

An annual highlight on the Alicornio Africa training calendar is the week-long Data Warehousing and ETL workshops hosted by Lawrence Corr and Joe Caserta respectively. The response to our 2004 series was phenomenal, and with that, we have invited our international guests back. Lawrence will be making his seventh consecutive trip to present his acclaimed series on Data Warehousing, Dimensional Design and Development, while Joe Caserta will return for his second season in S.A. to present his ETL segments.

Make the Most of Lawrence Corr and Joe Caserta’s Master Class

Between now and the 14th November 2005, Alicornio will be holding training workshops for those wanting to attend the Data Warehouse Design and Development Master Class, but feel they are a bit rusty. Course times and content will be personalised according to your needs. To get an idea of existing training programmes available, visit Alternatively, contact Alicornio Africa on 011 258 8739 to arrange a tailor-made group session.