DMA Names Pitney Bowes Software Innovation Award Winner for Database, Measurement and Attribution

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Portrait Explorer Tames Big Data for Marketers at Their Desktop

STAMFORD, Conn., October 15, 2012 – Pitney Bowes Software, a global leader in customer data, analytics and communications management, has been awarded the DMA Innovation Award for Portrait Explorer, a groundbreaking software solution that brings powerful data analytics into the hands of today’s marketers. The prestigious award, for the Database, Measurement and Attribution sector, will be presented during DMA 2012taking place this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. Visit Pitney Bowes, Inc. (NYSE: PBI) at Booth 541 at DMA 2012.

Portrait Explorer deals with mass volumes of customer data and serves it up to business users in an easy-to-use and compelling interface. By providing direct access to business users as well as to the data analysts, companies and organizations gain a greater level of customer understanding in a fraction of the time.

The solution makes understanding and navigating complex “big customer data” as easy as using a digital photoalbum. Portrait Explorer empowers business users to access customer information directly to perform their own ad-hoc queries and reports providing fast, actionable insight without the need for power analysts or IT. The innovative interface is a powerful example of “the consumerization of IT.” It was purposefully designed to look, feel and behave like applicationsmarketers use in their personal life making it instantly usable.

Popular digital photo management appshelp consumers make sense of thousands of individual photos by organizing them, with the click of a mouse, into albums based on date, location, tags or other selection criteria. Portrait Explorer delivers that same level of accessibility and usability to marketers for customer data. Every customer is represented graphically as a “customer card” with dozens of key attributes to provide a clear customer portrait of that individual. Cards can be examined individually to give deeper insight into segments and selection decisions using specific examples. The collection of cards representing all customers can be segmented or selected by any attribute, with heat maps used to highlight quality differences between segments, providing a powerful visual environment to improve targeting queries and even highlight potential data quality issues.


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Pitney Bowes Software provides multi-channel solutions that leverage data to create relevant dialogue between organizations and their customers. These solutions enable lifetime customer relationships by integrating data management, location intelligence, sophisticated predictive analytics, rules-based decision making and cross-channel customer interaction management to increase the value of every customer communication while also delivering operational efficiencies.

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