Intelligent Training and Education

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Intelligent Training and Education presented by Alicornio Africa

“Both our Sagent training and our technology independent courses have been very well attended over the last 6 months. The updated Sagent course materials which include additional workshops, proved to be highly beneficial to our clients. These hands-on classes prove to be very popular and are usually fully booked. It is advised to reserve a booking well in advance.” says Sandri Hulbert, Director of Alicornio Africa; the distributor of Pitney Bowes Business Insight software in Southern Africa.

Susan Andre, Managing Director of Alicornio Africa states:  “Although there is a trend towards quick integration projects, we will continue to present our ever-popular Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse Design Principles courses. A Data Warehouse still forms the digital backbone for many data related projects and obtaining knowledge from experts on how to design for analysis is still in great demand. Our annual DW Master Class presented during May in Cape Town this year was once again highly rated and we are proud to have hosted this class which is offered internationally as well, for the 9th consecutive year. “

Most blue chip organizations in South Africa have now attended at least one of the Alicornio Africa dimensional modeling techniques classes.

The Tertiary Education Integration campaign, which was activated 3 years ago, is still continuing.  Alicornio Africa provides support to tertiary educational institutions and through this program there are now approximately 60 graduates that have had some hands-on experience with the Pitney Bowes Business Insight Software such as the Sagent Data Flow.  “We are succeeding in our concerted efforts to educate the SA Market in sound principles with regards to Data Integration in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. “ she adds.

About Alicornio Africa

Alicornio Africa has been a distributor of Pitney Bowes / Group 1 Software in Southern Africa and other parts of Africa since 1999. Offering Sagent Data Flow and other software products from the Group 1 stable, as well as consulting service and training covering the entire spectrum of information integration, data profiling, data de-duplication, data quality, data warehousing, business intelligence, data mining and customer communications management. For more information visit

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Incorporated is a $6 billion global provider of integrated mail, messaging and document management solutions. The company serves over two million businesses of all sizes through dealer and direct operations. Pitney Bowes has been in the mailing business for 87 years and operates in over 130 countries worldwide.
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