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Launching CDQP a Customer Data Quality Platform of Note

Susan Andre 2007

An international team of executives from Pitney Bowes visited Johannesburg to launch a new software offering to the South African market, in collaboration with their local distributor, Alicornio Africa and Pitney Bowes SA.

Says Dick Kakebeeke , Director Alliances Europe, Middle East and Africa: “The industry-leading solution Customer Data Quality Platform. from Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software, allows organisations to capitalise on a more accurate view of their customers. The South African market is in as much a need for a solution that makes it easy to match and consolidate data into a single, comprehensive customer record, providing the insight needed to enhance customer loyalty and lifetime value, as the other countries in the rest of the world.”

Peter Jansens, Solutions Architect adds: “ Knowing your customers is key to growing customer relationships. The Pitney Bowes Group 1 Customer Data Quality Platform provides the customer data quality tools required to create and maintain accurate, rich customer information. Used to clean, match and consolidate customer data to leverage the most up-to-date, complete view of customers across an organisation.”

Global Data Cleansing
CDQP enables users to standardize and verify addresses for over 220 countries within a single unified interface, reducing the burden on users to configure and maintain rules for each supported country. A rich, wide universe of referential data sets, including postal and non-postal data, ensures address accuracy at the highest level.

Companies can reap the benefits of accurate, rich customer information such as increasing customer loyalty with accurate, targeted communications, generate revenue with more effective cross-marketing and cross-selling, boost campaign effectiveness through consolidated customer profiling, reduce marketing costs by eliminating redundant mailings, cut operational costs by streamlining business processes and increase efficiencies in data maintenance with on-going data cleansing.

For more information contact Alicornio Africa, the local distributor of Pitney Bowes Software,
on 011 258 8739 or visit https://www.alicornio.co.za