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Pitney Bowes Acquires MapInfo

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Pitney Bowes Acquires MapInfo 

Pitney Bowes brought together two industry leaders – MapInfo and Group 1 Software. With Pitney Bowes MapInfo's award-winning location intelligence and predictive analytics offerings and Group 1’s renowned operational effectiveness and communication management capabilities, we now provide even more comprehensive offerings to solve business challenges as one division – Pitney Bowes Business Insight. Combined, we give you the ability to operate more effectively. Our solutions empower you to organize, share, evaluate and decisively act upon customer-related and location-centric data enabling more insightful decisions.

Susan Andre, Managing Director of Alicornio Africa notes: “  The international market has received this announcement positively. Pitney Bowes' acquisition of one of the two leading GIS vendors, MapInfo, allows the traditional strength of the Group 1 technology around customer profiling to be combined with geographic and demographic information. This should be a potent combination, as customers become increasingly
geo-aware. “

The new PB organisational structures will have minimal direct impact on any of Alicornio Africa’s clients or on the local office. A trio of local partners – Alicornio Africa, Pitney Bowes SA and ST Group are now linked through this incident. We join forces on occasions to present a united front if and when required. At the same time we have independent freedom for each to continue to operate in our own domains and excel in our areas of expertise.  These efforts assist to strengthen working relationships and to expand the footprint in the local market. 

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Incorporated is a $6 billion global provider of integrated mail, messaging and document management solutions. The company serves over two million businesses of all sizes through dealer and direct operations. Pitney Bowes has been in the mailing business for 87 years and operates in over 130 countries worldwide.

Pitney Bowes enables its customers to streamline communication processes, strengthen their customer relationships, minimise waste in customer communications and uncover real business opportunities – ‘engineering the flow of communication’.

As a full Pitney Bowes International subsidiary, and key industry player, with a large base of integrity sites in South Africa, Pitney Bowes SA understands the mailstream line-of-business cycle from end-to-end. As part of a well-established, global company, they are well-positioned to provide a secure, committed support infrastructure – backed by global expertise and local knowledge – to their Southern African customer base.

Based in Midrand, Johannesburg, Pitney Bowes SA has an extensive mailing industry service capability. Customers include major players within the banking, insurance, medical, mailing bureaux, and postal industries throughout Southern Africa.

About Alicornio Africa

Alicornio Africa has been a distributor of Group 1 Software in Southern Africa and other parts of Africa since 1999. Offering Sagent Data Flow and other software products from the Group 1 stable, as well as consulting service and training covering the entire spectrum of information integration, data profiling, data de-duplication, data quality, data warehousing, business intelligence, data mining and customer communications management. For more information visit www.alicornio.co.za