Sagent announces partnership with Everest Systems Solutions

Susan Andre2001

Real-time e-business solutions provider Sagent SA has announced an alliance with integration specialists Everest Systems Solutions.

"Strategic business decision-making has made it imperative that operational systems can be hooked into knowledge and management information plans," says Paul Murphy, marketing and sales director of Sagent SA. "The expertise in the integration of legacy and distributed systems that Everest brings to this alliance will give clients access to enhanced data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities."

Established in 1996, Everest was created as a black empowerment company, focused on the development of hands-on information technology competencies. The company is wholly owned by its staff members and has considerable experience in the integration of large legacy systems into distributed environments. Everest has primarily been involved in the government sector with the South African Postal Services a major client.

"The government sector has a legacy of large mission-critical systems. The investment is such that they are not easily replaceable. Everest provides the expertise in the development of IT strategy, design of the system architecture, integration and where needed, hosting of systems," says Seleke Masemola, executive director at Everest. "The development and implementation of an information strategy is part of the IT architectural blueprint. This alliance with Sagent enables Everest to fulfil this requirement with a leading solution and data warehousing skills."

The Everest staff has undergone training in the use of the Sagent Solution and the Sagent methodology. The companies plan to embark on joint projects and Everest will market and implement the Sagent Solution.

"Everest's access to government clients means that they can reap the information benefits of technology that is flexible, rich in functionality and that interfaces into multiple platforms," says Murphy. "A data warehouse supports strategic planning with forecasting and trend analysis which has become an important component of a management information system. Everest's expertise in legacy technology and client-server and Internet applications creates a solid technical foundation for an integrated systems strategy."

"Our choice of partners is based on Everest's strategic decision to build intellectual capital," concludes Masemola. "SA needs companies that can support the public sector with knowledge and experience of that market and enable the e-business paradigm. Everest aims to be a leader in technology innovation. To this end we are developing our interests both locally and overseas."