Sagent powers eFinance with Centrus

Susan Andre2000

Sagent Technology Inchas announced that eFinance Corporation, an online buying community and business-to-business systems provider for small business financial services, has selected Centrus Real-Time, Sagent's realtime information service, to enable the pre-qualification of customer credit applications instantly and securely via the Web.

Using Centrus Real-Time, eFinance can verify the accuracy of an applicant's demographic information in realtime. This allows customer service representatives to request immediate clarification or correction from the customer and significantly decreases the time involved in the credit application approval process.

By incorporating valuable external, widely available third-party business data, including demographics, geographics and other business information, Sagent provides the tools for creating comprehensive customer profiles. This enables eFinance to pre-screen applicants accurately for faster, more precise approvals.

"Our online customers are looking for immediate responses to their credit application inquiries," says Chris Beekhuis, VP of engineering, eFinance. "By using Sagent, we can pre-qualify credit applicants rapidly with a high degree of accuracy, helping us to dramatically improve our customer service and significantly increase our customer base." Sagent delivers the only open, scalable solution that addresses the complete lifecycle for e-business intelligence, including development, production and ongoing management of a company's information assets. The Sagent Solution allows businesses to collect and analyse customer and operational data from existing systems and to incorporate the most current geographic, business-to-business and demographic information from third-party content providers in realtime. This information is then made available over the Web via a secure connection to create precise one-to-one marketing campaigns, identify profitable sales opportunities, and improve operational efficiencies.