Sagent Solution for TFMC

Susan Andre2002

Telecommunication Facilities Management Company (TFMC) has acquired the Sagent Solution from Sagent SA. The developed solution will provide TFMC with business intelligence to enable improved facilities management within the operation.

Telkom, TFMC's client, requires TFMC to perform against key performance indicators and to prove performance. The implementation of the Sagent system will provide effective means of monitoring these indicators.

Currently the technology Sagent is being used for two projects. The first is to build a specific subject area of the data warehouse to support the management performance system. The performance system works on a robot principle, whereby actuals are compared to targets and depending on the performance, the robot displays a particular colour. Supporting information to substantiate the robot's results will also be available.

The second is an ongoing project and provides a general subject area for reports that are not available on the robot system.

"The above solutions will add real value to TFMC's core business objectives," says Lewies Steenkamp, Manager Information systems.

Susan Andre, head of Sagent SA, says: "The solution will also highlight key operational issues and clearly indicate which areas do not comply to agreed upon performance criteria. Our solution will assist TFMC to achieve one of their core business objectives and in doing so delight their client."
The first project will be operational by the end of May.


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