SME Duplicate Record Detection Service launched!

Susan Andre2007

Alicornio Africa and Pitney Bowes SA bring unique offerings to the SME Market

Data may be one of the most important assets of a business and can be seen as the compass, giving direction and pointing towards the correct decisions.

Keeping track of customers, transactions, stock and documents are but a few reasons to value data.

Although data may provide us with essential knowledge, it also poses a lot of challenges.

The Problem – Duplicate Records

One of these challenges is the fact that items of data may be duplicates (spelling variations, punctuation and white space), leaving a business with inaccurate information. This in turn leads to wastage of mail, bad rapport with customers and overall bad Business Intelligence.
To many SMEs, the above-mentioned challenge would involve significant time spent trying to identify duplicate item entries manually, or a possible substantial investment in specialized BI tools.

From a business aspect, the companies that are not able to invest in such tools have a distinct disadvantage in respect to the valuable data commodity and the value thereof

The Solution

We – Alicornio Africa and Pitney Bowes SA – have identified this as a problem throughout much of the SME market. We have launced a service to identify duplicate records getting to the heart of the problem using Sagent Data Flow™ and Advanced Matcher Transform™ a Pitney Bowes Software product.

How it is done

  • The service can be executed onsite or offsite depending on requirements
  • The result of this service would be a report and identification of all duplicate records
  • The cost of this service will be determined on an individual basis.

Things to consider

  • Data is not in any way compromised and will remain secure
  • Sagent Data Flow™ is a Turnkey Solution keeping the service time frame short

The outcomes

Cleaner data is more effective data, aiding decision-making by means of more accurate statistics.