Switch and Save With Sagent’s™ Advanced Matcher

Susan Andre2005

A new component available with Sagent version 5 is the Advanced Matcher, a sophisticated duplicate detection and merge/purge technology. This advanced matching transform utilises multiple matching algorithms and configurable match logic.

Advanced Matcher is designed to help one match records across multiple data sources, in the instances when no common key is available. This feature ensures one gets a complete view of customers and data.

It is widely known and accepted worldwide that Sagent has developed and brought to market the most advanced and sophisticated duplicate-detection and merge/ purge technology available. In view of this, Sagent Advanced Matcher has been conceptualised with the customers needs and B2B processing requirements in mind. Advanced Matcher eliminates most day to day frustrations experienced with conventional and commercially available products, and is easily distinguished from the clutter through it’s unique offering, which includes:

  • Allowing the use of multiple algorithms and configurable match-logic
  • Finding and consolidating more duplicate records with fewer false positive matches
  • Allowing comparisons using a plethora of views of ones data

Integrated into the Sagent Platform, this exciting new product technology from Sagent-Group1-Pitney Bowes offers a variety of operational and marketing benefits!

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