The Data Warehouse is Dead

Susan AndreArticles

Whether you choose organized processing over chaotic collection, clean data over dirty data, structured over unstructured data, well assembled over disjointed information depends on the information strategy of a business.

Monstrous amounts of data may be in the order of the day but somewhere along the line we do need to make sense of it all.

Before we declare the Data Warehouse dead consider these prerequisites:

  • Effective Analytical practice are sustained by clearly defined requirements, well planned processes and exquisitely modelled data
  • Effective Analytical practice thrive on good quality data; effectiveness burgeons through increased “nutritional” data value
  • Effective Analytical practice flourish on integrated and structured-for-analytics information.

Other reasons for extending the longevity of the Data Warehouse is the frequent and common need for carefully collected and prepared data to be used by evolving techniques such as machine learning, data mining, ad hoc and self-service analytics.

Dwindling efforts in constructing a Data Warehouse and diminishing spends on education result in costly detours prior to realizing true Business Intelligence. True Business Intelligence rests on Data Warehouse bedrock.

Is the Data Warehouse dead? No! Long live the Data Warehouse!

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