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[Johannesburg] Tracker has provided South Africans with an effective deterrent against motor vehicle theft, a fast and reliable way of recovering stolen automobiles since 1996.

Four years ago Tracker recognised the superior software and services distributed by Alicornio Africa on behalf of Pitney Bowes Business Insight.  Taking the decision to acquire software solutions on offer in South Africa helped to relieve their challenges related to information management difficulties which resulted in lower efficiencies than desired.

Sagent Data Flow from Pitney Bowes provided Tracker with both the ability to solve current problems and the tools which allow them to improve their business processes and data management strategy into the future.

Alicornio Africa is able to provide the platform for any data integration challenge, be it data migration, data integration, data cleansing, data quality, data warehousing or business intelligence projects.

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Dynamic Document Management with EngageOne Software Solution from Pitney Bowes.

Pitney Bowes South Africa and local software partner, Alicornio Africa host EngageOne launch in Johannesburg

Johannesburg, 16 February 2010 – “Do you ever wonder how you communicate with your customers? How you handle your interactive document needs – email, SMS and social networking? And how effectively you manage communications taking into consideration branding, compliance, and record-keeping?”

These are key questions businesses should be asking themselves today, according to Jaap Nieboer, Software Manager at Pitney Bowes South Africa, who adds that the benefits of interactive customer correspondence are enormous.

“Quality data – or the lack of it – can impact massively on the bottom line of a business,” comments Nieboer.

With this in mind, Pitney Bowes and local South African software partner, Alicornio Africa, today host an EngageOne launch event in Johannesburg, called Drive the Effectiveness of your Interactive Correspondence with Quality Data to show businesses how to get the most out of their communications with their customers; and how to make customer data work harder.

EngageOne – interactive communication technology solution for a new era of enterprise communications

Attendees at the EngageOne Events today will witness a two live demo’s. We will demonstrate how components of the Spectrum Technology Platform, are used to profile and cleanse data in record time frames, to prepare for effective customer communication. And show the latest on Interactive Communication Software Solution, Engage One, to be utilised showing how it uses quality data to create real-time relevant communications in a controlled, efficient manner by using accurate data, with interactive communications being delivered instantly through the customer’s preferred channel. “EngageOne does make the creation of content easy, saving time and costs, ensuring brand promotion, regulatory compliance and improvement in customer service. But quality data that is the foundation for effective communication,”.

Attendees at the EngageOne Events today will witness a live demo of Pitney Bowes’ Interactive Communication Software Solution, Engage One, as it creates real-time relevant communications in a controlled, efficient manner by using accurate data, with interactive communications being delivered instantly through the customer’s preferred channel.

“Content creation is easy, saving time and costs, ensuring brand promotion, regulatory compliance and improvement in customer service, and the results were- quality data – so vital for effective communication,” maintains Susan Andre from Alicornio Africa.

So how does EngageOne do it?

“It is more flexible, yet allows more control than other solutions; and is highly productive, accurate, and ensures personal interaction each and every time.

Furthermore, it ensures standardized branding and compliance; facilitates improved business process automation; affords significantly reduced time and cost savings; and makes for increased customer satisfaction,” comments Pitney Bowes’ Nieboer.

He goes on to explain: “EngageOne improves customer communication by generating real-time interactive communications. It also tailors individual communications to the specific needs of the interaction, and delivers this instantaneously through the customer’s preferred delivery channel.

There is no need to worry about branding and compliance issues either, as EngageOne does it for you – automatically; with digital signatures and an archive of all messages,” he points out.

In addition to that, EngageOne integrates with eMessaging, enabling two-way email and SMS communications. It supports both out-bound and in-bound e-communications; and is able to streamline response handling of in-bound email/SMS; as well as manage and resolve delivery failures.

“Business process automation with built-in document management, workflow, Web services and optional archive for easy integration in existing systems, promotes end-user efficiency and ease-of-use. It offers flexibility, with the right amount of control and ensures accuracy, by prompting for information in-context, as the document unfolds before your eyes,”.

Commercial-grade scalability and performance furthermore means that EngageOne can support thousands of concurrent users and requests, which equals reduced costs (both human and infrastructure); and easily met service level agreements (SLAs).

“Pitney Bowes’ most dynamic technology, Engage One, has been warmly received around the world, impressing with its capabilities in the Data Quality, Data Integration and Interactive Document Creation domain.

We are delighted to be able to host events like today locally, and share our knowledge about this impressive software solution, with South African businesses. We take pride in helping organisations to not only use their data in the most effective way possible, but also to maximise their customer communications,” concludes Michael Springer, Managing Director of Pitney Bowes South Africa.

About Pitney Bowes:

Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI), a division of Pitney Bowes Software Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pitney Bowes Inc., provides a unique combination of location and communication intelligence software, data and services that enable organizations to make more informed decisions about customers, competition and market expansion. Pitney Bowes Software is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE–PBI). With the industry’s most comprehensive set of solutions for maximizing the value of customer data, PBBI provides the tools required to more effectively locate, connect and communicate with customers in today’s global markets. Leading organizations rely on PBBI solutions to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of customer information delivery and drive profitable growth. Visit and for more information.

About Alicornio Africa:

Established in 1999, Alicornio Africa is a software specialist company, with sophisticated offerings in the arena of enterprise information management. Alicornio Africa is the distributor and implementation specialist for Sagent Data Flow for information integration, business intelligence and data warehousing, data profiling, data de-duplication, data migration, data integration, data cleansing and data quality management; as well as related technologies for customer communications management. In addition, the Alicornio Africa team, whose combined experience spans over 60 years, offers instructive and flexible consulting and training services. Visit for more information.

About the Partnership and product offerings:

Alicornio Africa is Pitney Bowes’ premier partner for Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology Platform, which include Data Governance Suite, Sagent Data Integration Solution, Spectrum Location Intelligence and Data Enrichment Solutions.

The combined product offering of Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s EngageOne software and Spectrum’s Sagent Data Integration platform spearheads an industry leading development in the document, information management and data integration arena.

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