About Us

The merger of Group 1 and Sagent Inc. has been but one of the reasons that precipitated our change from Sagent S.A. to Alicornio Africa (Pty) Ltd. As our fledgling business grew at a remarkable pace from 1999, so did the realisation that it was vital for us to offer more. The increase in demand for innovators such as ourselves increased to a point where it could no longer be ignored, and so in January of 2004, Alicornio Africa proudly came into being.

A New Era Dawns

Whilst Sagent Data Flow™ is our primary software product offering, Alicornio Africa is by no means limited to this. With over 60 years combined experience and intellectual property, and having serviced many of the continents most prestigious and successful businesses Alicornio's consulting, training and support services reach beyond Sagent product related specifications. Our services are aimed at assisting clients, or rather partners, to cross the divide between owning and having access to invaluable information, but not having the means to maximise it to its full potential. In short, we specialise in assisting businesses to reach their full potential in terms of their information integration requirements. Our primary goal is to see our partners enjoying a considerable return on their investments. Through the combination of skills, knowledge and product we enable clients to grow their business and reach new levels of success.

The Alicornio Approach

A common myth associated with enterprise information integration systems exists, this being, that because of its complexity in nature, only those who are technically minded and skilled are suitably positioned to deal with such products and information. In truth, Alicornio has proven this to be limiting and unfounded. Our hands-on approach, simple and realistic methodology makes it possible for the CEO and IT Director, communications manager and information analyst alike to manipulate and utilise existing and new information to the greater benefit of the company. We invite you to contact us to discuss solutions for challenges you may face with any information integration project.

An Historical Overview of Sagent

Sagent was founded in the U.S.A. in June, 1995. Its charter was to bring information closer to decision-makers, and make it quicker and easier to use and share. In a short period of time Sagent had established itself as a world leader and pioneer in the development and distribution of products and services pertaining to the arena of information integration. In pursuing their goal to simplify the information management process whilst simultaneously achieving remarkable end results, the Sagent Solution was developed and the first version of this software was released in 1996 in America. The product has since been distributed in approximately 12 countries. Sagent SA was appointed as the exclusive distributor of the Sagent Solution in 1999 in Southern Africa. In October 2003, Group 1 made ground-breaking news with its acquisition of Sagent. The combined product offering of Group 1's CRM software and Sagent's information integration suite, has spearheaded a serious development in the information management and integration arena. In 2004, the combined forces of Group 1 Software and Pitney Bowes have come together to redefine industries. Together, the advanced technology and comprehensive suite of services are turning the mailstream into a profit engine for over two million businesses - from the largest global enterprise to the smallest home office. As Sagent S.A., now Alicornio Africa we made our mark as distributors for Pitney Bowes Software product suites, and through our consulting, training and support services we have achieved a position of respect, and lead the local industry as specialists in our field.

"By stretching information integration boundaries, together we can help you take your business to a level that goes beyond the imagination."

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