Data Warehouse Dimensional Model Validation Service

Are you grappling with Data Warehouse Dimensional Design issues? A prudent option is to call on us to arrange an on-site visit for assistance! We will help to verify your dimensional model and address any specific challenges.”


How does it work?

The process consists of 3 half day workshops:

  1. During an initial half day workshop you describe while we listen and ask questions
    • You broadly define the challenges, describe the model and pose questions around your DW design
    • You provide detailed model documentation and typical Business Requirements
  2. A second half day workshop will be arranged once we have assessed all the information received during which we jointly discuss, clarify and review our understanding
  3. Recommendations and final feedback takes place during a third half day workshop

Additional workshops may be necessary depending on complexity and requirements.



(Ex VAT)
Additional workshops incur extra costs

Pre-requisites to enable constructive assessment and verification of your model:

  • Involvement of modeller and/or developer and/or  business analyst responsible for the model design in all workshops
  • Access to the following details:
    • Business requirements definition
    • Model
    • Columns and table descriptions/meaning in business terms

Special Offer:

If you have attended Alicornio Africa’s “Concepts, Design and Modelling for Extended Data Warehousing” course you will receive a 10% discount for services completed before 15 November 2019.  (T&C Apply). Use Reference number ALI15112019

“By stretching information integration boundaries, together we can help you take your business to a level that goes beyond the imagination.”

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