By partnering with us, clients can maximise the speed of preparing information for delivery while minimising the resources and effort required to develop and maintain these processes.

We are the distributors of software packages developed by Precisely (formerly Pitney Bowes Software) and Fortra (formerly HelpSystems). Our advanced, flexible and ground breaking solutions will integrate information and enhance business intelligence in any organization, turning it into an accessible and useful resource.


Our principle partner Precisely (formerly Pitney Bowes Software), helps corporations and government agencies to acquire, serve and grow customer/citizen relationships.

Their solutions add data quality, geocoding, location intelligence, predictive analytics, communication management and mailing efficiency into critical customer relationship management workflows and business systems.

Leading corporations, major government agencies and top systems integrators worldwide rely on their proven expertise and decades of leadership. For the complete portfolio of products click here

Spectrum™ Data Management and Integration Portfolio

Capabilities include visual data modeling as knowledge graphs, information quality, data visualization, data governance workflows and policy management, data integration and analytics.

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Customer Information Management Software

Get more out of your data now.  Accelerate your digital transformation; Master the complexities of customer data; Provide context for more effective analytics and machine learning projects with agile Customer Information Management Software.

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Sagent Data Flow™

Sagent Data Flow™ is the only technology that combines ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), EII (Enterprise Information Integration) and BI (Business Intelligence) in a single-source solution.

Sagent Data Flow™ is a general-purpose, pipelined data processing engine that uses transformation objects to implement data integration, data analysis and information delivery services.

Contact us to find out how local customers are applying the Sagent Solution product suite to reduce the complexity of their processes, increase the speed of delivery and lower the cost of their information integration and deployment projects.

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History of Business Intelligence

Precisely Data Integrity Suite

Introducing the Knowledge Graph

"By stretching information integration boundaries, together we can help you take your business to a level that goes beyond the imagination."

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