A Giant Step … Welcome Botswana Building Society

Susan Andre2005

Alicornio has been contracted to implement the Sagent Solution, which will be ultilised in building a financial reporting Data Warehouse. The deliverables of the solution in this context will be to deliver information to business users in such a manner that is user-friendly and easy in terms of report delivery and management.

Says Susan Andre, MD of Alicornio Africa “ Having taken our first official steps into Africa has seen us experiencing both excitement and a little trepidation. While Alicornio has been founded on a pillar that facilitates dynamism within a highly lucid industry, we have been sure to maintain a realistic perspective on things. That we have made headway into a neighboring country is certainly something to celebrate. “

Through their careful consideration of client needs, skills transfer and Alicornio’s ongoing commitment to service excellence, they will prove to be as successful outside the South African borders as they have done on the inside. “The Botswana Building Society project kicked off with a lot of energy, and we kept up the momentum, and trust that the successful completion of this project for the Botswana Building Society, will see us being awarded more of the same, and if not, better!” comments Ms. Andrè. “We will continue making strides into Africa and are striving to grow our business in unexplored territories” she concludes.

Alicornio Africa Stretches Information Integration Boundaries