Business Intelligence Art through the Ages

Susan AndreArticles, News

Every so often a cascade of new technologies, buzz-words and ideas enter the already crammed information management world.

Reasons for this range between more and different forms of data becoming available (being the most common motive), un-inaugurated personnel working with data (insufficient experience) through technology pundits wanting to sell the best-piece-of-software which will solve all data related problems, plus anything in between.  

The ability to distinguish between real new challenges and issues just painted on different canvas is an Art in itself. 

As with any work of Art the medium used to paint a picture might differ.  Individual artists will add their own style, effects and nuances.  Likewise every expertly designed BI solution carries the stamp of the type of business and the design team involved.

Experienced Business Intelligence practitioners have identified certain unchanged central themes as the root cause of most failed BI projects. In its simplest form narrowed down to:

  • Discovering and accurately communicating information requirements
  • Matching information requirements with business goals
  • Uncovering information flow patterns within the business
  • Determining data quality issues early in the process
  • Designing a model that will withstand future changes
  • Implementing the solution using the most appropriate software
  • Documenting the above

Designing Information Integration systems which are ready to enable Business Intelligence is as much an Art as a Science.

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