Bottoms up BOT – Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

Susan AndreArticles, News

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

Are you a fan of Bottoms up? No, in this case it is not the drinking game, but rather the intersection of Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). While the two might seem unrelated at first, it turns out that BI actually forms a firm part of the AI foundation.

Just as you need a sturdy base in order to build a towering structure, AI needs a solid foundation of data and insights to build on. That is where BI comes in – it’s all about collecting, analyzing, and making sense of data to inform decision making.

Think of BI as the bartender, collecting data from different sources and mixing them together to create a valuable cocktail of insights. An in-tune bartender can read their customers and mix the perfect drink to fit their tastes, BI professionals can use their skills to analyze data and identify trends and patterns that can inform business decisions.

Once you have that solid base of data and insights, you can start building on it with AI. A worthy mixologist can take a basic cocktail and add new flavours and ingredients to make it punchier, AI can take the data and insights gathered by BI and use them to create predictive models, automate processes, and make intelligent decisions.

Make sure to appreciate the importance of BI as an essential part of the foundation for AI: a delicious cocktail needs a solid base to build on and AI needs the insights and data provided by BI to reach its full potential.

Bottoms Up BOT. Cheers to that!