Alicornio Prophecy Partnership Announced

Susan Andre2004

New Product: A Prophetic Offering
[12 November 2005 – Cape Town]

A partnership between Alicornio Africa and Prophecy Technologies has been announced. “ Alicornio is pleased to have partnered with Prophecy, and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship” says Susan Andre, MD of Alicornio Africa, local distributor of the Sagent Solution.

Prophecy is an Executive Information Portal (EIP) that integrates into Business Intelligence products like the Sagent Solution. Prophecy is a presentation tool and it resides on top of the underlying middle tier business intelligence tool to provide, amongst other value adds, contextual and statistical information regarding the reports. It does however not create it's own reports.
Features to name but a few of the product include:

  • Platform independent web-based EIP
  • Provides one interface across different reporting systems
  • Contextualises reports with supporting comments, links and documents
  • Online interactive discussions with other users sharing reports
  • Manages report access with role based security
  • Manages BI reports as well as office type documents
  • Achieves enterprise wide report distribution at a reduced cost
  • Easily customisable dashboard
  • Register for and Subscription to reports, to automatically arrive in electronic mail-box
  • Manages report Quality Assurance certification
  • Monitors report usage

The Prophecy Execute Information Portal is a proudly South African product that is developed and supported locally.

The Prophecy environment has been specifically designed around the user. The system is easy to navigate with intelligent supporting information contextualising all reports. This empowers the user with relevant knowledge regarding the report. A control panel allows the user to change report parameters. These parameters are defaulted to the user’s specific environment. The application is supported by a robust administration system.

For more information contact Alicornio at 011 258 8739 or