Big, Bigger, Bad

Susan AndreArticles, News

Bigger is not always better.  Spending Big on acquiring the latest state of the art technologies might contribute to a superior environment well suited for dealing with large volumes of data.  And yes, Bigger Data and Technologies do provide scope for richer analytics.

What is BAD is the dearth of not following an effective approach to steer a potentially-massive-outlay- project in the right direction.

The biggest objection of “we do not have time to plan” can be countered by appointing an expert Data Warehouse Project Manager who will orchestrate such assignment by scoping deliverables based on Business Requirements ranked based on importance, value and frequency of use.

To get this sequence right requires a skilled team, led by a professional DW practitioner.  Still the BIGGEST contributing factor for success is the commitment and contribution of the business users by defining their requirements.

It will be a big mistake to miss attending one of Alicornio Africa’s Data Warehouse design principles courses and an even bigger mistake to start your DW project without sufficient knowledge. The biggest problem of all will be: failing and wasting time and money if not adequately equipped to tackle a project of this nature.

Let it rather be a matter of Big, Bigger, BEST.

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