Bridge medical to integrate Sagent platform solution into clinical data warehouse application

Susan Andre2001

OEM agreement allows for new solution to help hospitals improve the quality of drug therapy for patients

 Sagent, a leading provider of Business Intelligence solutions, announced that Bridge Medical, Inc., a technologies and services company that offers hospitals a suite of cost-effective software applications designed to improve medication safety and drug therapy outcomes, signed a three-year OEM agreement that allows Bridge Medical to integrate the powerful and scalable Sagent Solution into its innovative clinical data warehouse and clinical decision support tools.

With the integration of the Sagent Solution into Bridge Medical's product offerings, it will be easy for Bridge to aggregate data to provide hospitals with a unique perspective of the data-data that combines clinical and financial information to support the hospital in optimizing therapeutic outcomes and operational efficiencies. Examples of the benefits that can be derived with the combined Bridge-Sagent solution include assisting physicians, nurses and pharmacists in complying with ORYX indicators, tracking adherence to guidelines and protocols, and comparing data between hospitals. Delivering a more comprehensive view of available patient information and making that information more accessible for real-time monitoring achieve these results.

The open and complete Sagent Solution received a superior grade from Bridge Medical's technical team for its ease-of-use and quick implementation, and was selected as a partner from among other industry leading business intelligence development tools for Bridge's project.

"After thoroughly reviewing products from a variety of vendors, Sagent won hands down," said Rusty Lewis, COO, Bridge Medical. "Their development tools are easy to use, and we felt that we could get our project up and running much sooner with the Sagent Solution. In addition, their massively parallel architecture enables us to provide scalable solutions to fit the needs of a variety of customers ranging from individual departments all the way up to full-blown enterprise data warehouses. We are extremely excited about the capabilities that Sagent brings to our customers."

"We are delighted to have Bridge Medical select Sagent as the platform for building their clinical data warehouse solution," said Larry Scroggins, senior vice president, business development, Sagent. "This is yet another example of how a partner values our development tools to enable them to go to market q uickly. This partnership, coupled with our superior performance, will enable Bridge to invest in their application expertise without having to be challenged by integration issues."


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