Good Better Bad

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Some data warehouse projects might be Good. You might even find a few that is Better. Unfortunately “Bad” is often associated with Data Warehousing because Business Users still struggle to obtain accurate information in the format they desire within the required timeframes it is needed, despite having access to their Data Warehouse.

This may be due to ill-defined or miss-interpreted Business Requirements, badly modelled DW schema, changes in business environment or simply a lack of planning.

Scape goats are hunted and found by business users when they feel frustrated about not being able to find answers to their business questions. The Number One nominated culprit is usually Information Services. Second in line is putting blame on technology and supplying vendors.

Forsaken upfront planning or trading business requirements against technological advances is regularly the root cause.

This is an indication to go back to the basics:  re-visit business goals and determine if it is aligned with information requirements, examine the procedures for obtaining and integrating data, investigate how well the data warehouse model fits information requests.

Rather let it be a matter of Good, Better, Best instead of Good, Better, Bad

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