Kaspick selects combined advent-Sagent data warehouse solution for better customer service

Susan Andre2001

National trust administration and investment management firm implements. Advent Warehouse, using Sagent data movement, data access tools, for powerful querying and reporting of customer information.

Sagent, a leading provider of Business Intelligence solutions, and advent Software, a leading provider of Enterprise Investment Management solutions, today announced that Kaspick, a leading provider of investment management, trust administration and planned giving consulting services, has recently implemented Advent Warehouse-an end-to-end data warehouse solution embedded with Sagent's data movement and data access tools.

Using Sagent's tools and with the help of Sagent's Professional Services team, Kaspick was able to complete the initial phases of its new client data warehouse, which holds more than 30 million records, in less than 30 work days. With the warehouse in place, Kaspick will now be able to build new business applications in order to quickly cull and integrate client information from Advent Axys, its portfolio accounting system, and from its various proprietary systems. By doing so, Kaspick staff will be able to attain a complete view of their clients' planned giving arrangements, investments and portfolios. This view can be delivered internally via a Web browser or client/server systems or to clients via consolidated and comprehensive financial reports. Ultimately, Kaspick's executive management expects the Advent-Sagent solution will empower its Investment Management, Trust Administration, Planned Giving Consulting and Reporting departments to provide better client service in a cost-effective manner.

"In our highly competitive environment, flexible and responsive client services, including analysis and reporting, is a key component of what we provide our clients," said Scott Powers, COO, Kaspick.
"Competitively, the implementation of this new data warehouse will enable us to deliver information we could not deliver before, and do it flexibly and economically. We are very pleased with the consulting help we got to build our warehouse. Now, we are ready to begin the next phase of building business applications much earlier than we had anticipated."
"We are very pleased that our strategic partnership with Advent has panned out so successfully over the past few years," said Larry Scroggins, senior vice president, business development, Sagent. "Teaming with Advent has helped us make great in-roads into the investment management firm market and enabled us to stay ahead of the competition offering tools and solutions to firms in this field."

"We partnered with Sagent to address a series of requirements that are critical to our clients, like Kaspick, who need deep analytics and data integration from multiple sources," said George Seiters, director of Advent Office Business Management, Advent. "Our partnership with Sagent has been successful because they provide the only solution in the market that enables us to address those specific performance, openness and scalability issues."


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