Lawrence Corr back in SA

Susan Andre2002

Lawrence Corr, a global authority on data warehousing, will again visit SA to host a three-day course on the cutting-edge of dimensional modelling design techniques. Dimensional modelling was popularised by Dr Ralph Kimball.

The intensive three-day workshop will emphasise dimensional modelling as the proven technique for developing understandable, high performance data warehouses through a combination of lectures, instructor-led examples, team exercises and group discussions.

Throughout the course, techniques will be illustrated by real world designs drawn from a number of industries including retail, banking, insurance, transportation, telecommunications and e-business.

The target audience of the seminar includes data architects, DBAs, business intelligence application designers and project managers involved in the technical aspects of data warehouse projects.

In addition, Corr will present a three-hour master class, titled "Data Warehousing: Tech-driven vs Business-driven". This forum will focus on the IT leader's role in designing a data warehouse that delivers on strategic business requirements, the importance of executive sponsorship, adopting the right design techniques to minimise risk, critical success factors, cost justification and more.

Corr is hosted in SA by Sagent SA. The seminar will run from 18 to 20 September and the master class will be on 17 September.