Never mind AI / ML

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… or understanding Streamlined HDFS integration, ORC support, weather you know the difference between Classification and Regression, the importance of correlation and causation!  First come to grips with understanding the fundamentals.   

Obtain a clear understanding of how to navigate this kind of project, importance of project management, gathering user requirements and learn about what aspects to consider for designing an Analytic ready platform, flexible enough to withstand repeated requests for additions and modifications.

Uncover techniques on how to design a source of well planned, integrated and decidedly trusted information base.

Attend the only technology independent Data Warehouse Design class available in Southern Africa. Expand your knowledge on the vast subject of making data available for Analytical purposes.

This comprehensive 4 day course (in the form of lectures, workshops and discussions) arms participants with sufficient knowledge to guide the process of designing Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing/Analytical solutions. Concepts such as traditionally structured DW, unstructured data, Data lakes, Big Data and Cloud computing are covered.

Register TODAY for our four day Concepts, Design and Modeling for Extended Data Warehousing course that teaches sound principles to be applied no matter what technology is used.


  • 25 – 28 February 2020

Cape Town

  • 03 – 06 March 2020