Sagent announces special pricing for EII package

Susan Andre2002

Sagent Technology Southern Africa has announced special pricing options for its recently released Enterprise Information Integration (EII) package.

"We can service a broader market by offering an affordable solution. Our aim is to provide business intelligence and information integration to the general local market in support of our mission to democratise information. It proves that world-class technology is within reach of any size organisation. This will extend the reach of BI and EII from the very large organisations right through to SMEs," says Susan Andre, Managing Director of Sagent Southern Africa.

"We are committed to provide the best services and superior software to the South African market. Even though the primary focus of improved information delivery is to enable companies to identify opportunities for growth while keeping cost down, delivering on this promise is key.
"We believe that Sagent is well positioned to assist our clients with information integration challenges, business intelligence needs as well as data warehouse construction, at a much lower costs," adds Andre.

Customers gain great benefit from using our software, which was designed and developed from the outset by one development team. It means lower cost of implementation and maintenance, ease of use and single upgrade cycles. The customer is protected from the complexities and complications of dealing with multi-vendor solutions.

In addition, the specialised services we offer helps our clients to achieve success on time and within budget. Sagent SA is the exclusive distributor of the Sagent Solution in southern Africa. The local team offers software independent education and consulting services, as well as support and training for the Sagent Solution.


Sagent is a leading global provider of enterprise business intelligence solutions. Sagent's suite of enterprise business intelligence solutions enables companies to measurably impact their business by implementing highly successful customer relationship and financial management initiatives.

Through Sagent's powerful enabling technologies, organizations can easily and rapidly turn company data into relevant information that can be used for effective decision-making, analysis and reporting. Information can be extracted from multiple sources (internal and external), optimised for decision support and delivered in a customised format for Web-based or client applications.

More than 1 500 companies have selected Sagent software to enhance customer retention, cross-sell/up-sell, improve customer service, increase efficiencies of marketing campaigns, streamline business operations, analyse financials and reduce costs.

Customers include AT&T, BP Amoco, Boeing Employees Credit Union, Bristol Meyers, British Telecom, California State Automobile Association, Citibank, GPU Energy, Kinecta Federal Credit Union, Johnson & Johnson (UK), Kemper National Insurance, Provident Central Credit Union, Safeway, Siemens, Telkom, Credit Guarantee and Gensec.