Sagent brings enterprise intelligence to the Web

Susan Andre1999

Sagent Southern Africa has announced version 4.0 of the Sagent Solution, the enterprise intelligence system architected for high performance and scalability on the Web.

Unlike front-end-oriented business intelligence and OLAP systems, Internet enterprise intelligence solutions operate as fully integrated, end-to-end systems that enable users to acquire and organise information stored in corporate data sources (known as back-end data processing), as well as create reports and analysis with that information over the Web (known as front-end data access).

"As a single product line, Sagent Solution 4.0 replaces multiple point tools for data movement, analysis and reporting," says Sagent SA MD Susan Andre. "It provides fast answers to critical business questions for decision-makers throughout the organisation." A new intelligent caching scheme enables the application server to store common data requests and parameters in memory, to give subsequent users sub-second response times for their queries.

In addition to fast Web reporting and scalability improvements, the new version also features integrated support for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and its online analytical processing (OLAP) services.

"Enterprises are clamouring for integrated intelligence solutions capable of scaling to thousands of users without compromising performance," says Doug Laney, Senior Program Director, META Group. "Sagent is poised to meet these demands with Version 4 of the Sagent Solution, enabling organisations quickly to deliver critical business information to their decision-makers, while continuing to meet the needs of organisations that depend on the Web for information delivery and reporting."