Sagent launches iStudio

Susan Andre2002

Sagent SA, the leading Business Intelligence solution provider, has launched their newest addition to the Sagent Solution. iStudio is revolutionary and easy-to-use WebLink application that lets users quickly create and share sophisticated queries and reports. Users can create and publish reports and cross tabs based on a personalized, intuitive view of the business that coincides with their understanding of customers, products, services and processes. They can save, retrieve and modify their work, then publish it for use by other users.

"iStudio provides an intuitive graphical interface for end users, such as business analysts, managers and executives who need to retrieve result sets and view the information over the web. Users can create and modify data requests from the convenience of their web browsers" says Susan Andre, Managing Director of Sagent SA.

iStudio is a web component of the Sagent Solution. The Sagent Solution is an integrated high-performance environment that provides tools for extracting information from multiple sources, optimizing information for decision support and delivering it to users in formats that meet their business needs. The Sagent Solution is the only truly end-to-end Business Intelligence solution which is open and modular.

"iStudio uses the same security model as the rest of the Sagent Solution, so user access is maintained by centralized administration independent of the client" says Andre.

iStudio is engineered to use the advanced programming features found in today's most popular web browsers, allowing organizations to deploy a completely thin-client framework for business intelligence. The iStudio application runs on the web server and interacts with the browser to render a rich and productive user experience. iStudio's wizard-like interface uses "guided navigation" techniques to help first-time users extract, sort, filter and format data. Reports can be previewed on-screen and use Sagent's "page at a time" reporting capability to quickly deliver plan results. All of this occurs within the browser, avoiding the need to install and manage complex client-server configurations that can bog down enterprise reporting deployments.


Sagent's suite of enterprise Business Intelligence solutions enables companies to measurably impact their business by implementing highly successful customer relationship and financial management initiatives.

Through Sagent's powerful enabling technologies, organizations can easily and rapidly turn company data into relevant information that can be used for effective decision-making, analysis and reporting. Information can be extracted from multiple sources (internal and external), optimized for decision support and delivered in a customized format for Web-based or client applications.

More than 1,500 companies have selected Sagent software to enhance customer retention, cross-sell/up-sell, improve customer service, increase efficiencies of marketing campaigns, streamline business operations, analyze financials, and reduce costs.

Customers include AT&T, BP Amoco, Boeing Employees Credit Union, Bristol Meyers, British Telecom, California State Automobile Association, Citibank, GPU Energy, Kinecta Federal Credit Union, Johnson & Johnson (UK), Kemper National Insurance, Provident Central Credit Union, Safeway, Siemens, Telkom, Credit Guarantee and Gensec. For more information please visit