Sagent optimises business intelligence solution on Sun systems

Susan Andre2001

Sagent on Sun delivers unmatched scalability for SunGard Securities

Sagent, a leading provider of Business Intelligence solutions, today announced that the company has recently optimized the Sagent Solution version 4.5i for Sun Enterprise Servers and the Solaris Operating Environment (OE). The scalability of the Sagent solution on the Sun Solaris platform provides Sagent users with enhanced customer relationship management, and other business intelligence operations for rapid return on investment and competitive advantage.

Additionally, recent testing of the Sagent Solution on Sun systems at SunGard Securities Processing (NYSE: SDS), a global leader in integrated IT solutions and eProcessing for financial services, confirms that the integration of Sagent's business intelligence solution and the Sun Solaris platform can deliver optimal scalability to business users.
"After a thorough technical evaluation and proof-of-concept, we selected Sagent, hosted on Sun systems, as our business intelligence software platform," said Doug McFadden, senior vice president, SunGard. "The Sagent-Sun combination proved to be the most scalable of all the vendors we evaluated."

"As Sagent enterprise customers demand greater levels of performance and scalability, it is natural for Sagent to extend its solution from Windows NT to the Sun Solaris platform," said Steve van den Berg, vice president, business development, Sagent. "By working closely with Sun, we are now able to fully exploit our massively parallel architecture and deliver to our customers a technically superior and scalable package that meets their requirements to help understand, target and interact with their customers."

"Information is imperative for today's global organizations, and business intelligence solutions, like Sagent, designed to quickly deliver and enhance data to business-critical applications within the enterprise are essential," said Karen Richards, director, eCRM and business intelligence, Sun Microsystems. "Sun and Sagent are addressing customers' demand for top performance and superior scalability required in today's highly-competitive business climate."



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