Sagent partners with ObjectFX to boost geographic data accuracy

Susan Andre2000

Sagent Technology, the provider of real-time e-business intelligence solutions, has announced that ObjectFX, a provider of business-to-business visualisation and analysis software has licensed Sagent eServices products.

ObjectFX aims to provide accurate realtime customer geographic information for its mapping services that business customers use for improving product supply chain automation. With Sagent's eServices solution embedded in ObjectFX's visualisation tools, ObjectFX can improve the accuracy of its Internet-based customer mapping services by using the most updated customer location information available.

Sagent maximises the accuracy and value of ObjectFX's customer and prospect information by seamlessly verifying correct address information via the Web, adding widely available third-party geographic data and performing spatial analysis. Using this information, ObjectFX can provide customers with detailed map location services, such as business locators, travel maps, point-to-point direction routers and inventory tracking throughout the product supply chain.

"Our goal is to turn our customers' dynamic data into interactive views so users can access realtime information using our Web-centric software," says Mark Tudor, CEO and president, ObjectFX. "We chose Sagent because its spatial analysis tools and realtime geographical information are the most accurate available. With Sagent, we enhance our ability to consistently provide accurate views of customer location information, enabling our business customers to focus on making critical decisions."


Sagent delivers an open, scalable solution that addresses the complete life cycle for e-business intelligence, including development, production and ongoing management of a company's information assets. The Sagent Solution allows businesses to collect and analyse customer and operational data from existing systems and to incorporate the most current geographic, business-to-business and demographic information from third-party content providers in real time.