Sagent SA establishes Cape presence

Susan Andre1999

MD Susan Andre, who made the move from Johannesburg to Cape Town to spearhead Sagent SA's plans for the Cape region, says that 65% of large companies will have some form of representation in the Cape within two years.

"Cape Town is a business magnet, not only for its natural beauty, location and international affiliations, but also its growing economic clout at national level," says Andre. "We've identified the need for an established data warehousing vendor, so the time is right to get a foothold in the traditionally competitive Cape market," she continues. "There are many opportunities being created in Cape Town that need to be explored, and our goal is to make the most of the opportunities available as the market matures."

Sagent SA is in the process of forging alliances and partnerships with key data warehousing, mining and marketing specialists in the region. "Selling direct not only limits our options and growth potential, but makes it difficult to penetrate long-standing business relationships," says Andre. "Adding value to information – a global trend – is not new to Cape Town, so our sights are set specifically at companies with a philosophy of superior client service through information delivery."

Sagent SA is located in Cape Town centre, servicing the greater Cape Town metropolitan area and surrounding regions.