Sagent ships high-performance Data Load Server for Sun Solaris

Susan Andre1999

Sagent Technology, a leading provider of Internet business intelligence solutions has announced plans to extend the Sagent product line to the Unix platform. The company is announcing the immediate availability of the Sagent Data Load Server for Sun Solaris. Scheduled for release in the first half of 2000, a new version of the Sagent Solution will be the first Internet business intelligence system offering end-to-end Unix support. As part of this strategy, Sagent is making its Data Load, Data Access, and WebLink servers available on Solaris.

The Sagent Solution is an end-to-end system built on an integrated, multi-server architecture. The Data Load server enables users to acquire information stored in corporate data sources, process it, and load it into a data warehouse. Data Access and WebLink servers allow users to then create reports and analysis, enabling quick and easy access to this business critical information over the Web.

The Sagent Data Load Server allows Solaris customers to take advantage of the company's proprietary high-performance technology for extracting, transforming and loading large volumes of data from disparate data sources.

The Data Load Server simplifies the creation of data stores by leveraging Sagent's data flow technology. This technology provides a powerful, visual-programming environment to import data from multiple sources, perform complex transformations and load data into multiple targets for simple, fast organisation of information.

"With the current offering of the Sagent Data Load server for Solaris, the Solaris enterprise user-base can now take advantage of the powerful Data Load technology for their complex data movement projects," says Paul Murphy, Sagent Africa's marketing director. "The Sagent Solution available in both the Unix and NT environments will further enhance the value of our customers' data warehouse investments by allowing them to efficiently integrate corporate data across heterogeneous platforms."