Sagent software selected by Microsoft

Susan Andre 2001

Sagent's stock soared 41% in February with the news that the real-time electronic business software provider is going to build an internal marketing database for Microsoft Corporation.

"Sagent has the ability to augment a business intelligence solution in real-time with data from third-party data suppliers, such as geographic, spatial, and name and addresses," says Paul Murphy, sales and marketing director for Sagent SA.

"Microsoft will use Sagent's software to manage, maintain and fulfil a database containing more than 190 million records from within its SQL server 2000. The software will help Microsoft profile information and records to meet the interests and needs of its customers," maintains Murphy.
"This is great news that Sagent has been chosen to implement an internal marketing database for Microsoft – even though Microsoft has its own technology. Sagent's pre-built business intelligence technology will enable the database solution to be implemented quickly and efficiently," Murphy says.
He adds that the project will be completed soon.