Sagent teams with IBM on DB2

Susan Andre1999

Sagent Technology has announced an agreement with IBM to integrate its Sagent Solution with IBM's DB2 Universal Database. The initiative will help provide mutual customers with an integrated intelligence solution for delivering information to users over the Web.

The Sagent Solution is an enterprise intelligence offering that enables users to acquire and organise information stored in corporate data sources (known as back-end data processing), as well as to create reports and analysis with that information over the Web (known as front-end data access). As a single product line solution, it can replace multiple systems for data movement, analysis, and queries.

"The combination of DB2 and Sagent will facilitate faster, more effective decision-making by offering an end-to-end enterprise intelligence solution for high-growth businesses that depend on the Web for information delivery," says Susan Andre, MD of Sagent Southern Africa. DB2 Universal Database is a multimedia, Web-ready relational database management system. It combines power for business intelligence (decision support, data warehousing and data mining) with performance and reliability for transaction processing.