Spectrum® v10 Enables Global Organizations to Get Agile

Susan Andre2015

Global organizations are facing the challenge of blending new data sources with expensive, aging, business intelligence implementations. The most recent enhancements to the Pitney Bowes Customer Information Management solution is Spectrum v10 which addresses this issue in a number of ways.

First, some background. Much has been said about consumer expectations going sky high in recent years. Think about it, it wasn’t so long ago that we were happy with “please allow 28 days for delivery”. We’re now in a world where, thanks to services like Amazon Prime Air, delivery inside of an hour is within reach. The impact on any business is that trends are emerging faster than businesses can adjust to. Only the most agile and flexible companies will survive and that agility has to be reflected in the IT systems that support the business.

Pitney Bowes Spectrum v10 supports organizations that are trying to use new data sources that may be within their organization, or perhaps emerging external big data sources, with their existing data for a better understanding of the customers. Critically, this is can be done without throwing away the vast investments that have already been made.

Let me explain more…

Data Federalization – Bringing it all together

Data architects who are facing the challenge of getting answers from data held in multiple locations will be keen to investigate the benefits of a federated view. Bringing data together in the virtual way means answers can quickly be uncovered without affecting the integrity of that data, or the performance of the host applications. Equally, these virtual datasets can be cleansed and made available to other applications for analytics or improved customer views for sales people. By creating a federated view on a complete Customer Information Platform like Spectrum V10 means that the virtual view will be integrated into the powerful data quality, enrichment and analytics capabilities of the platform.

Information Extraction – Discovery from unstructured content

With so many customer engagements resulting in the generation of free form text, there’s a need to break down this content and identify important contextual information. The new Information Extraction capabilities of Spectrum v10 enable the discovery of important data that may be hidden inside conversation notes or customer emails.

Real Time Analytics – Keeping your conversations relevant

Understanding and acting on customer information for impact is often something that takes time. However, that can change with a powerful analytics engine right alongside high quality data, be it physical or a virtual view in a federated environment. With Spectrum v10, you can now enjoy analytics “on-board”. The insights gained by analytics provide real-time scoring and classification model evaluation to drive effective, real-time targeting.