SQL Server 7 bundled with Sagent 4

Susan Andre1999

Sagent Technology has become the first decision support vendor to bundle Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 with its recently announced Sagent Solution 4.0 Internet enterprise intelligence offering.

This bundling arrangement offers organisations a single, tightly integrated, enterprise intelligence system, helping companies to implement a complete system in weeks. The entire solution includes the new version of Sagent's Internet enterprise intelligence solution, including back-end data movement functions, front-end data access, high-performance Web-based reporting, and consulting services, along with all the capabilities of SQL Server 7.0. Sagent Solution 4.0 features tight, integrated support for SQL Server 7.0 and its online analytical processing (OLAP) server, OLAP Services. In particular, Sagent Solution 4.0 exploits the power of OLAP Services through its MDX language, helping to simplify data access, display and analysis for business users.

"OLAP Services and MDX present an opportunity to create a new generation of enterprise intelligence tools that simplify finding, arranging, calculating and manipulating core business data," says Susan Andre, MD of Sagent Southern Africa.

Sagent Version 4.0 also includes native support for Microsoft's Data Transformation Service (DTS), thereby delivering seamless integration between DTS's scripting capabilities and wizards and Sagent's library of transformation functionality. Sagent's DTS support provides the ability to "upsize" for complex, high data volume data transformation projects. Integration with Microsoft Repository provides metadata import and export and provides for easy interoperability among data warehousing tools.