Syncsort Rebrands as Precisely, Powers Confident Business Decisions with Trusted Data

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New Brand and Strategy Accelerate Leadership in Data Integrity Following Syncsort’s Acquisition of the Pitney Bowes Software and Data Business

Pearl River, NY | May 14, 2020Press releases

Precisely, the global leader in data integrity, is today being unveiled as the result of Syncsort’s acquisition of the Pitney Bowes software and data business in December. The Precisely brand underpins a world-class business with leading software and data enrichment products, annual revenue in excess of $600m, 2,000 employees, and 12,000 customers in more than 100 countries, including 90 of the Fortune 100. Precisely provides companies accurate and consistent data to make better business decisions that drive better outcomes.

Making data-driven decisions has become increasingly complex for even the largest enterprises. Despite the proliferation of cloud-based analytics tools, a recent study of CEOs found that 84 percent do not trust the data they are basing decisions on(1), and with good reason, as another study found almost half (47 percent) of newly created data records have at least one critical error(2). The cost of noncompliance with new governmental regulations, including GDPR and CCPA, has created an even greater urgency for trusted data.

“Advancements in storage, compute, analytics, and machine learning have opened up a world of possibilities for enhanced decision-making, but inaccuracies and inconsistencies in data have held back innovation and stifled value creation. Achieving data integrity is the next business imperative,” said Josh Rogers, CEO of Precisely. “Put simply, better data means better decisions, and Precisely offers the industry’s most complete portfolio of data integrity products, providing the trusted link between data sources and analytics that helps companies realize the value of their data and investments.”

Precisely delivers accuracy and consistency in data by spanning the breadth of the data integrity spectrum, with leading data integration, data quality, location intelligence, and data enrichment products.

Precisely’s complete product portfolio enables customers to:

  • Integrate – connect today’s infrastructure with tomorrow’s technology to unlock all an enterprise’s data;
  • Verify – help ensure data is accurate, consistent, and complete for confident business decisions;
  • Locate – analyze location data for enhanced, actionable business insights that drive superior outcomes;
  • Enrich – power enhanced decision-making with expertly curated, up-to-date business, location, and consumer data; and
  • Engage – create seamless, meaningful, omni-channel customer experiences using personalized video, chatbot, digital, mobile, and self-service capabilities.

“Business continuity challenges, like the historic situation with COVID-19, inspire organizations to digitally innovate and transform using insights derived from data that provide visibility into operations and performance,” said Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research. “To reach their full potential, organizations must have confidence and trust in the integrity of the data used to take actions and make decisions, and Precisely is emerging at the right time, with an intelligent approach to enable those competencies across the enterprise.”

About Precisely

Precisely is the global leader in data integrity, providing accuracy and consistency in data for 12,000 customers in more than 100 countries, including 90 percent of the Fortune 100. Precisely’s data integration, data quality, location intelligence, and data enrichment products power better business decisions to create better outcomes. Learn more at