The Alphabet of Information Integration

Susan Andre2009

Back by popular demand!   The ABC of Information Integration and Data Quality…;  The A to Z of Information Integration and Data Quality… ; The XYZ of Information Integration and Data Quality…are Alicornio Africa’s ever popular events which were attended to the maximum over the last number of months.

Sandri Hulbert, Director at Alicornio Africa contributes the high attendance levels due to the fact that the South African market is preparing to embrace the challenges they face with regards to the explosion of data in their organizations. It is evident that most organizations are faced with Data Quality issues and are still struggling to combine and consolidate data from various disparate sources. This process is too complex, prone to errors (such as duplication or non-standardization) , cumbersome and above all,  very costly.

The Sagent Solution software provides the platform for integrating, cleaning and presenting information in a flash. It is quick and easy to do, yet it is extremely powerful and can solve challenging data integration problems at a fraction of the cost of competing software and at much lower cost than manually producing code. The Sagent software can be used for the traditional Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence initiatives but also to solve many other data related issues.

The process of pulling data together, making sure that it is correct, that no duplicates exist and at the same time providing the ability to view the data in any format  without any coding; is something that most organisation are opting for today.  

During the events presented by Alicornio Africa, it is demonstrated how to solve the challenges of managing and integrating data from multiple sources. Problems with duplicate data is shown and resolved while you watch!  Attendees at the event can see for them selves –  since seeing is believing!

This brilliant solution is demonstrated live and shows how to integrate data from multiple sources, while simultaneously cleaning, manipulating, loading and reporting on it – all in the same step. 

Introducing Sagent Data Flow™ , Advanced Matcher and Automation.

Turn disparate data into actionable information. With the Sagent Data Flow™ Solution, you can streamline the flow of information, gain valuable customer insights, and make better business decisions — with a documented, repeatable, automated process that's easy to define, easy to query and even easier to use at an affordable price.


  • Connects to Any Source of Structured Data
  • Merges Multiple Sources
  • Shows Results in Real-time
  • Automate processes such as e-mail notification, process automation, and automatic retrieval of information.


  • No Coding,
  • Quick Implementation,
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Easy to Use and Support,
  • Lower Cost
  • Modular Architecture

Sagent Data Flow’s modular architecture allows you to seamlessly add features as your business needs evolve. Modules include:

  • Source connectors
  • Data movement and loading
  • Data visualization and distribution
  • Advanced analytics
  • Data cleansing and de-duplication
  • Data enhancement
  • Process automation
  • Open hooks for third-party applications

This is a process-oriented, drag and drop, advanced matching, flow logic, customisable, visualising environment that allows for swift adaptation to changing business requirements. Additionally the Sagent ERP Connectors is far less cumbersome to use in order to make data, locked in the ERP system available for query and reporting

An affordable offering that provide the power and flexibility to meet all data integration challenges.

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