Toss the technology Part 2

Susan AndreArticles

It is crucial to first bed down the methodology, concepts and techniques before implementing a Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence solution using software tools.  Software should not govern the design of a BI / DW solution. It should not matter which platform and software is used.  Following suitable and trusted principles together with a tried and tested methodology is the key to success.

Getting a grasp on Data Warehouse design is essential prior to enrolling for a tool-specific course since most of these courses focus only on how to utilise the tools and technologies and do not teach de facto design techniques, concepts or methodologies.

Do you have to toss the technology training? Definitely not!  Learning how to use software effectively will boost speed of implementation and may ease the deployment cycles of the Data Warehouse.

Enroll for the BI/DW Dimensional Modeling and Design Techniques course offered by Alicornio Africa. It is a technology independent course that teaches sound principles to be applied no matter what technology is used.

More details about the Concepts, Design and Modelling for Extended Data Warehousing course