Are you holding back your Data Warehouse?

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Or is your Data Warehouse holding you back…

Data professionals demand swift access to data in order to perform their analytical duties.  To meet these demands the Information Services Department have to be agile in providing the most appropriate data platform. Despite having to operate at disadvantages ranging between lack of skills, badly designed and poorly maintained analytical solutions through relying on how things were done historically, they have to make available a source of well structured, integrated and decidedly trusted information.

Unlocking true value of information is a challenging task.  Making the data available for this purpose is an even greater job. Before being lulled into the idea of embracing new generation of hybrid Data Warehouse solutions that promise the silver bullet, be advised of the fundamentals: Get a clear understanding of the user requirements, find out where the data resides, determine data quality issues and make sure the data warehouse design is flexible enough to withstand repeated requests for additions and modifications.

Introducing a hybrid approach before mastering the basics will only intensify analytical distress.

Before taking on the domain of the new generation Hybrid Data Warehouse solutions, first determine if it is a case of the Data Warehouse holding you back or you holding the Data Warehouse back!

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