BI is for the birds

BI is for the Birds

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Who is still interested in doing Business Intelligence – only the birds?  Can’t we just simply pour all our business data into one server and let business users loose to explore?  We have tried this approach in the past. Perhaps we can try again.  Although be aware of Bird Imbecile systems!

Listen to the song:  For the Birds (Business Intelligence Version)

Now more evident than ever: executives and managers of companies cannot rely mainly on experience and instinct.  It is as reckless and irresponsible to avoid the good use of data, as it is to under estimate the complexity of assembling a trusted base of information and still try to serve the goals of the business.

As the song goes:  “The sheer amount of data disagrees with the increasing demand for quicker response.  Going through the data manually becomes pure chaos.  That is why we need BI systems!

What the duck is a BI System?  Bird Imbecile System (ha-ha).  Actually Business Intelligence refers to the technologies and applications used to gather and analyze data to support better business decision making.

Business Intelligence facilitates historical, current and predictive views of business operations.

Obstacles to successful BI systems include user resistance and misunderstanding, bad data input quality, unorganized data warehouses, and incomplete understanding of business processes and requirements.”

Composers of BI melodies need to understand the drivers of modern BI systems. They must be able to uncover the best practice of the information supply chain and know how to dissect trends to deliver results.  In other words – play to the right tune.

It is possible to extend the lifespan of your existing Business Intelligence solution by combining the Extended Data Warehouse with the traditional. This may involve enhancements to include a Data Lake and more advanced analytics and will require a pragmatic yet flexible approach.

Dodge Bird Imbecile systems; strive for intelligent Business Intelligence.

Written by Susan Andrè

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