Bungle in the BI Jungle (Part 1)

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Approaching the Business Intelligence Jungle might leave you quivering with trepidation.  Rebellion against traditional approaches is increasing, amidst still ongoing attempts and confusion to get a handle on the traditional way of building effective BI systems.

Understandably a sensation of being at a BI slumber party mounts because most of the un-inaugurated players are lulled into ignoring valuable lessons learned in the past:  Lessons about the importance of listening, gathering and understanding, to enable successful implementing BI solutions which are aligned with Business Information Requirements. Lessons about how to get BI analysts to trust their data (data quality) and lessons about Data Governance.

Chain data growth and diversity (digital transformation,  IoT, behavioral data and so forth) with the maturity of multi-platform architectures (Hadoop, Spark, Cloud eco system etc.) and you have a recipe to the next BIG Bungle – “The Bungle in the BI Jungle”.

A myriad of issues must be juggled when constructing BI solutions. For example: the motivation for increased information analysis will correspond to an increased need for Data Governance. 

Data Governance is just one aspect centering on satisfying the desire for effective digital transformation which has to be tempered with appropriate safekeeping.   When data is locked down too severely, frustration around data accessibility increases.  Stern data governance practices conflicting with business users needs for data utilization, will hamper effective BI. 

Keeping a balance between an aggressive data protection program and data transgression is a fine art.

If data governance is done right, it is not about locking down data. It has more to do with improving data quality, usability and access to the right data sources to uncover new revenue opportunities and improve customer engagement while reducing frustration.

In essence, it is about expanding data utility without increasing data futility.

Data Governance is an essential  branch required in the BI jungle to avoid Business Intelligence mismanagement.   A full rounded Business Intelligence Information Strategy should cover all branches.

Well executed Business Intelligent programs calls for agility in the BI jungle. Unwieldy swinging in the BI-jungle leads to a serious Rumble in the BI jungle (Part 2).

Written by Susan Andrè

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