Business Unusual and Sagent deliver e-business analysis on the Web

Susan Andre2000

Business Unusual and Sagent Technology have put together a suite of software solutions that will give e-businessmen on-the-fly financial and business analysis facilities. Dion Retief, MD of financial and business analysis group Business Unusual, says that the new offering will give business users a single facility for analysing financial transactions and gathering business intelligence in realtime.

"The solutions offered by Sagent and Business Unusual support management decision-making, and these decisions cannot be made on the basis of historical data, but rather need to be made against up-to-the-minute information. E-business is all about rapid response to market forces – and a solution that can make use only of historical information is not appropriate for the e-marketplace."

Sagent Solution operates in a non-proprietary environment, integrating multiple database and platform infrastructures. "It is an open scalable solution that addresses the complete life cycle for e-business applications," says Sagent Technology director, Paul Murphy. "Because it is an integrated product that allows for rapid solution delivery it is an invaluable business solution. Any information strategy has to recognise the importance of current, accessible and useful information and analysis. Sagent provides real-time access to consolidation of data from multiple environments."

The product complements Business Unusual's overall product portfolio, which emphasises real-time intelligent information delivery in order to facilitate and support management decision-making. The company focuses on the development of solutions that enable clients to embrace new business opportunities generated through e-commerce. "We are continuing to build strategic alliances with suppliers of business and e-commerce enabling solutions to ensure that clients have access to a broad scope of products and services," concludes Retief.