Sagent Solution delivers automated geographic data feeds for risk analysis activities

Susan Andre2000

Local distributor and implementer of real-time e-business intelligence solutions, Sagent SA has announced that the Sagent Solution is powering the prototype for delivering integrated, centralised e-analysis functionality at The Allstate Corporation, one of the largest personal lines insurance company in the USA. The Sagent Solution provides automated data feeds from local and third-party analytical databases. A comprehensive collation and analysis engine processes geographic and demographic data from multiple sources and distributes it to clients.

This application has found favour with dotcoms, database marketing and risk analysis services. While a gap (and a business opportunity) exists in South Africa for on-line database marketing, Murphy says that the associated collation and analysis activities are also found within more specific applications. "Insurance companies and credit organisations need to constantly maintain diverse sources of data. These include customer and geographic information associated with risk profiling, crime and employment statistics and credit information. Data volatility demands regular updates to give a current view of the state of the relevant market and customer population."

Older methods are slow, inaccurate and require manual intervention. Sagent's methodology supports the customisation of individual data requirements, including timing intervals from automated cyclic data feeds. Dynamically updated analyses are available to clients and business partners on-line over secure connections, ensuring confidentiality and immediacy. "Good quality information underpins the ability to make appropriate business decisions", comments Murphy. "This application supports the strategy of providing market related products to customer requirements while minimising potential risks. It also facilitates information sharing whether in-house via the intranet, with business partners using an extranet or with customers over the Internet."