International acquisitions and local partnerships power Sagent strategy

Susan Andre2000

The burgeoning e-business market has a voracious appetite for information. Sagent SA has developed a strategy that combines the intellectual capital and expertise of international and local partners with Sagent's depth of analytical expertise resulting from their activities in business intelligence, data warehousing and e-business arenas. The result is a powerful combination which Sagent SA is using to drive its increasing domination of the e-analytics market.

Paul Murphy, Sagent SA's marketing and sales director, points out that e-commerce is a business delivery strategy that needs to be supported with measurement, evaluation and refocusing. The increasing emphasis on accurate, immediate and current information and analysis has resulted in the need for specialists in e-analytics, e-business information delivery, and the integration of ERP and inhouse systems into a business intelligence paradigm. Sagent has extensive experience and proven delivery. The development of strategic partnerships gives customers access to industry best practices, vertical market ASPs and the latest in technology.

Sagent Technology Inc has developed a virtual community with global relationships and strategic partnerships with the full range of suppliers within the e-analytics and e-information supply chain including ASPs, hardware and service providers. This is illustrated by acquisitions of, and the development of collaborative partnerships with, industry experts. The acquisition of Qualitative Marketing Software Inc enhances Sergeant's marketing analysis competency with Centrus, a comprehensive suite of data enhancement, data quality, data analysis and Internet data delivery products and services.

A partnership with Commerce One has resulted in advanced data analysis of key metrics being available to customers using Commerce One Buysite, an e-business procurement application. Sagent recognises the need for vertical markets for specialist attention with its healthcare, financial, telecommunications and e-business divisions. Strategic alliances with industry experts and ASPs has resulted in a wide range of specialist solutions. Murphy sees the demand for e-information and e-analytics growing with the current e-business drive. "Constant shifts in the market mean businesses have to be able to respond quickly to be competitive. The days of waiting for months to examine trends are over. By that time the competition has got ahead. Immediate information and analysis underpin all successful business initiatives, whether e-enabled or not. Sagent SA is a specialist in the management and delivery of intelligent information. The demand for this level of market knowledge and analysis goes beyond supplying software solutions and Sagent has the experience and reference sites to demonstrate this."