NetAcumen provides complete view of electronic visitors with Sagent

Susan Andre2000

NetAcumen, an international Internet application service provider (ASP) is using Sagent technology as a basis for its newly announced WebVision suite, used for tracking, analysing and identifying online customers.

Paul Murphy, marketing and sales director of Sagent SA, the local representatives of Sagent Technology says NetAcumen built onto Sagent's e-business analytic platform for these applications.

"NetAcumen's strategy is to provide a 360-degree view of the electronic visitor. Critical to the success of an e-commerce initiative is an understanding of site visitors and customers. E-commerce "dot-com" businesses are looking to these applications to provide the answers."

NetAcumen's applications enable accurate assessment of the success of electronic business by analysing information derived from website activity and customer behaviour. WebVision offers true Web-based analysis of website activity, allowing businesses to qualify customers, facilitate one-to-one marketing campaigns, perform target lead generation, improve customer service, and accurately analyse website performance. Commercial demographic, psychographic and consumer data are integrated with real-time Web hit data, significantly raising the bar in clickstream analytics for marketing, sales and operations. Additional sources include analysing data from sales force automation tools, marketing campaign management tools, corporate customer profiles, online transactions and order fulfilment.

"Sagent is seen as a particularly useful platform on which to build this type of application because it is an end-to-end solution," comments Murphy. "This means that the application developer only has to manage one integrated and scalable environment for all development and execution requirements."